Shaeleigh Severino is a paralegal, community advocate and candidate for City Council District 32 in Queens. She believes it is time to remove police officers from our city’s public schools.

Richmond Hill High School was on the verge of closing the second I walked through its doors. I was 13 years old and so excited to start high school; big ambitions, big ideas, bigger backpack. But due to budget cuts and mismanagement, I spent the next four years fighting, organizing, and advocating just to keep my school open.

There were so many things that Richmond Hill High didn’t have enough…

Shaeleigh Severino is a New York City Council Candidate for the 32nd District in Queens.

Growing up in Ozone Park, Severino is no stranger to the delays and inconsistencies found in New York transportation. As City Councilwoman, Severino aims to make transportation more accessible, clean and dependable.

New York City wouldn’t be what it is — financial capital of the world, cultural foodhub, lively metropolis — without our public transit. The subway lines that run beneath our streets are the veins and arteries that keep our city running. …


Shaeleigh Severino is a candidate for New York City Council District 32 in Queens. She believes the violence last weekend must be a call to action on homelessness and mental health.

This weekend, a young man rode the entire length of the A-train from Far Rockaway in Queens all the way to 207th Street in Inwood. Along the way, he stabbed four people, murdering two and severely injuring the others. …

When Hurricane Sandy ripped across New York eight years ago, no part of the city was hit harder than the Rockaways in Queens.

I watched the storm tear through our homes, shatter the windows of our businesses, flood our schools, and cause millions of dollars worth of property damage. My sister and hundreds of students from Beach Channel High School were forced to relocate, while thousands of other families were completely displaced. I spent weeks after the storm handing out backpacks and supplies to displaced students across the Peninsula.

But Sandy did more than shut down schools, displace people and…

Severino for City Council

Gen Z | New York City Council Candidate | District 32 — Southeast Queens | LGBTQIA+ | Gen Z | Afro-Latinx | Paralegal | Advocate

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